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Earth's Children Fans - Ayla, Jean Auel and YOU!

Welcome to, where Jean Auel's Earth's Children Fans gather. Be sure and join in on The AuelBoard discussions at!

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Jean's last book in the series, The Land of Painted Caves,
was released Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

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Here is a sampling of the twenty plus discussion areas on the AuelBoard. We look forward to you joining in on the fun!

- Diane in Cincinnati

News and Updates about Jean Auel and the Earth's Children sites.
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Be sure and join in the discussion of The Land of Painted Caves - and Jean's other Earth's Children books in The AuelBoard discussion area at!

Edition / Translation Updates: Email me if you have information about Jean Auel's Book 6 - The Land of Painted Caves so I can share it with all the other fans!

  • France - Le Pays des grottes sacrées - Jean Auel site
  • Norway - De hellige hulers land (The Land of HOLY Caves) - press release -
  • Sweden - De målade grottornas land -
  • Germany - Ayla und das Lied der Höhlen (Song of the Caves) -
  • Spain & Latin America - La tierra de las cuevas pintadas - MAEVA - blog entry -
  • Netherlands - Het lied van de grotten (Song of the Caves)
  • Denmark - De malede hulers land -
  • Australia - The Land of Painted Caves
  • Canada - The Land of Painted Caves
  • Finland -
  • Italy - La Terra delle Caverne Dipinte - publisher on 9Feb2012

Jean's earlier books have been translated into 28 languages. The international laydown for The Shelters of Stone on April 30th was said to include 28 editions. That could include audio and other english versions of the book. Meantime, here's some of it:

  • Slovenian - Zavetje skal - 2008
  • Greek - see link for title in Greek! - 2007
  • Russian - see link for title in Russian! - book - 2007
  • Bulgarian - Kamennite ubejishta
  • Hebrew - moshavot ha'even
  • Turkish - Feb 2005 by Artemis Publishing
  • Portuguese (BR) - 2003
  • Czech - Pod kamennou strechou (publisher : Euromedia Group - Knižní klub)
  • Icelandic - Hellaþjóðin (publisher Edda - 15 Oct 2002)
  • Polish - Kamienne sadyby (published by Zysk Publishing House - 29 Sept 2002)
  • Italian - Focolari di Pietra, (publisher Longanesi [La Gaja Scienza])
  • German - Ayla und der Stein des Feuers (
  • Danish - Folket i Klippehulerne
  • Dutch - Een Vuurplaats in Steen (De Aardkinderen - A.W. Bruna Publishers/Holland)
  • Croation - Vatreni Kamen (publisher Izvori - Zagreb, Nov 2002)
  • Finnish - Luolien Suojatit (publisher WSOY - Aug 2002)
  • Norwegian - Klippehulens folk (Aschehoug)
  • Swedish - Nionde Grottan (publisher Bra böcker i Malmö AB)
  • French - Les Refuges de Pierre (publisher Presses de la Cité)
  • Spanish - Los Refugios de Piedra (publisher Fireside books)
  • Spanish - Los Refugios de Piedra (publisher EDITIONS MAEVA: Castellano & Catalan Editions)

Please email details to me if you know of others! (Thank you to everyone who has kept me informed of updates! I've had no luck getting a contact in Jean's agent's office to help provide this information firsthand. They're the folks who handled the negotiations for the rights to other editions.)

Other languages still waiting translations of The Shelters of Stone

I get occasional information requests for translations of Earth's Children books. I'll add them here as they come in. The ones we had listed already have been published and entered above!

Shelters of Stone Related Links - also known as Ancient History around here! :-)

Earlier Updates from Kendall Auel.


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