Ayla's Herbs is a collection of herbs and their uses as portrayed in Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children series.  As a frequent re-reader of Jean's books, I became fascinated with the medicinal uses of herbs - as many other readers have.  This collection is the result of that fascination.  Should you decide to try using herbs for medicinal use on your own, please use caution and educate yourself well, first!  Herbs can be beneficial as well as dangerous.

I've done my best to locate the herbs Jean discusses in the books by the common name, description and properties.  The list I've provided may not be absolutely correct and it definitely isn't all inclusive!  It takes a certain amount of guesswork, since there isn't always much detail available. I have also included only those I have been able to get my own pictures of. That can be as tough as figuring out the herbs themselves!

Note: the quotes from Jean Auel's books should not be used as medical advice on their own merit!!  This site is intended as a reference to the Earth's Children books so you can better picture what Jean describes.

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